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Countertop Terminal

Retail EMV/PCI Terminal & Pin Pads

  • Accepts all Major Credit & Debit Cards
  • Processing at lightning speed
  • Pin Based Debit Capability
  • Highest Security Levels
  • Built in Thermal Receipt Printer
  • EMV Smart Card & Swipe Ready
  • Gift Card Program Available
  • Online reporting w/Client.eMerchant View

Retail Restaurant

Retail & Restaurant POS Solutions

  • Base system with Point–Of–Sale Software
  • LCD Touch Screen Monitor & Standard Keyboard
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Lockable cash Drawer
  • Pin Pad
  • Custom Designed Menu
  • Wireless Scanner (Optional Item)
  • Zebra Bar Code Printer (Optional Item)
  • Additional Cash Tray (Optional Item)
  • Pole Display (Optional Item)
  • End-of-Shift Reporting
  • Payroll Tracking and Management
  • Accurate Guest-Check Calculations

Retail Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminals

We offer PC-based credit card processing solutions rather than the traditional POS countertop equipment

  • Log in from your internet connected PC
  • Add a Magtek card swiper for face to face transactions
  • Multi-user network
  • Enter card numbers right on your keyboard
  • Accept credit cards anytime, anywhere
  • Online reporting w/Client.eMerchant View

Mobile POS System

iPad and tablet POS systems are simple and cutting edge technology. We offer payment processing on your iPad POS so you get everything you need in a complete POS template system. iPad and Tablet based POS systems allow you to process credit card payments, accept cash, manage your inventory, and get detailed reports.

  • iPad or Tablet
  • I Swivel Stand
  • 2 Printers (one for the register and one for the kitchen)
  • 1 Cash Drawer
  • Tablets
  • 1 Card Swiper (Wireless Swiper Available)